Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to Reach St.Alphonsa Tomb Bharananganam to Mannanam St.Kuriakose Elias Chavara

The distance between Bharananganam and Mannanam is 28  kilometers . Churches in Bharananganam and Mannanam are famous pilgrim centers for syro malabar christians. Tomb of Saint Kuraikose Elias Chavara is situated in the Mannanam Church while Tomb of Saint Alphonsa is situated at Bharananganam Church.

Bharananganam to Ettumanoor is 21 km on State Highway -32 also Known as Ettumanoor - Poonjar State Highway. From Ettumanoor you can reach Mannanam either via Athirampuzha, MG University or via Carithas. Distance is around 8 Km.

Bharananganam St. Alphonsa to Pala - 5 kmPala to Ettumanoor - 16 kmEttumanoor to Mannanam St. Kuraiakose Elias Chavara - 8 km 

Pala and Ettumanoor are major towns between Mannanam and Bharananganam. Pala is a muncipality while you can expect a traffic block sometimes in Ettumanoor.

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