Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Milestones - Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara

1805, February 10  Blessed Chavara was born at Kainakary

1805, February 18  Baptized at Chennankary Church

1829, Nov  29 Ordained priest by Arch Bishop Maurelius Stabilini

1831, May 11  Foundation of the first Indigenous Religious Congregation for Men (CMI) and first Monastry at Mannanam.

1833  Started First Seminary at Mannanam

1846 Started the first catholic Sanskrit School in Kerala

1846  Started the first catholic printing press in Kerala
1861, June 8 Appointed as the Vicar General of the Syro-Malabar Church

1866, Feb 13 Foundation of the first Indigenous Congregation for Women (C.M.C.) 

1871, January 3 The death of Bl. Chavara at Koonammavu 

1889, May 24  Mortal remains were transferred to Mannanam

1958, January 3  Began diocesan process for his beatification 

1980, March 15  Formal introduction of cause by the Sacred Congregation 

1984, April 7 Pope John Paul II elevated him to the status of Venerable 

1986, February 8 Father Chavara is declared BLESSED  by Pope John Paul II at Kottayam, Kerala

1987,December 20 The President of India, R Venkitaraman, released the postal stamp of Blessed Chavara

2014, November  (declared as saint soon)

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